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Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact our customer service.


In cooperation with Klarna, we offer several different payment options that may vary over time. The payment options currently available are presented in the checkout.

Unfortunately, the cost of postal advances has risen so much in recent years that we are unable to offer them. If we were to offer it, we would have to charge a fee of about 20 EUR.


Our warehouse is located in central Sweden (Gävle).

We love nature and have chosen to replace the shipping slips with small flyers that are climate-compensated through contributions to climate protection projects that, for example, plant trees or protect rainforests from deforestation. A copy of your order will be sent to your email address.

The dog biscuits we send are vegetarian, made by Dogman and contain wheat, glucose syrup, EU approved colours and flavourings, oils and fats and minerals.

At checkout you can see the delivery options available for your order. You can read more about them here: here.

In the shopping cart you can see how long it will take before we ship your order. Once we've dispatched your order, it will usually reach you within 1 - 2 working days depending on the delivery method and where you live. Generally, packages south of Sundsvall take 1 business day while packages north of Sundsvall take 2 business days.

You have 7 days to collect your parcel once it arrives at to a service point.

If you do not collect your parcel, we will be have to charge you 20 EUR according to the current terms of purchase. This covers some of our costs associated with your order - it's very expensive for us when a package is left unclaimed and then returned.

Exchanges & returns

All orders received from November 1 to December 31 have their exchange period extended to January 31 of the following year.

Use our return form which you can find here.

Of course. You can find more information on our return page.

Contact our customer service and we will help you.

We often get questions about why we don't send return slips in our packages and the answer is simple:

We send a lot of orders every year but get very few returns and exchanges, which means that about 100,000 return slips would go straight to the trash bin.

That's neither environmentally nor economically friendly. Instead, you can simply order a return slip on our website and it will be sent to you electronically if needed.

The same goes for the packing slips, which we have replaced with small flyers: the flyers we send with each package are also climate-compensated through contributions to various climate protection projects, which, for example, plant trees or protect rainforests from deforestation.

At present, we are not able to mail out return slips but refer to our service to order a return slip to your email.

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